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Growing uncertainty in business environment…

Decision makers in industrial companies are defied by today’s quickly evolving business environments. Technological innovations, globalization of competition, digital transformation, social and environmental responsibility, new regulations and many other simultaneous challenges set a fast pace and need to be addressed continuously. While the complexity of business environments is constantly increasing, trustworthy advice is hard to find.

Requires more trustful advice…

bplus is an independent consultancy firm. We help managers of mid-sized industrial companies to make the right choices at the right moment. Our consultants have extensive industrial experience at the crucial junction of technology, marketing and human resources. We help managers to address the complexity of today’s business environments by providing sound analysis, strategic vision and pragmatic advice. Our team of internationally skilled senior consultants intervenes swiftly and efficiently.

Our Credo


Midsize companies drive the economy. We help anticipate the future while meeting today’s commitments.


You aim at quick wins enabling lasting changes. Productivity and efficiency are on top of our mind.


Credibility and trust are the cornerstones of your business. They are our priorities.


Today’s challenges are cross functional. We don’t line up experts, we combine talents.


Driving change is both rational and emotional. We work with either side of the brain.


Humans first. We work bottom-up, love to listen and consider user experience above all.


Your satisfaction is important to us. But what we really want is your organization to make progress.

Areas of intervention

Digital Transformation

Industrial Branding

Innovation Marketing

Change Management

Employee Engagement

Building Resilience

Personal Leadership

Safe & Lean culture

Crisis Communication

Who we are

Mark Diran Boehm

« Industrial marketers are confronted with multiple challenges: They need to create a trustworthy brand, conceive compelling value propositions, launch and explain technological innovations, embrace digital transformation, develop international sales… and all this with limited ressources. My role as a consultant is to seize the underlying issues and develop creative solutions. »

Diran has graduated in physics at Technical University of Berlin. He worked as a marketing director for high-tech industries in Germany and France. Before joining bplus he founded bb&b, a communication agency specializing in industrial environments. Diran lives in Paris and loves to ride his motorbike through southern France.

Corinna Cremer

« I believe in the transforming power of crisis and change and I love to accompagny people in challenging situations. Creating a new business or facing critical incidents requires the same ressources: orientation, responsibility, force of vision, trust. I’m convinced that any plan is only as good as the resilience of its protagonists. This is why I help organisations to build sustainable strategies for human ressources and personal development. »

Corinna has studied economics and psychology in Hamburg and Munich. She advises companies in resilience and is a certified CISM first responder. Corinna lives in Paris and Berlin.

Pierre Vu Pierre Vu selected

Pierre Vu

« I see the tremendous impact that digital transformation can have a on sales organisations in b2b markets. Deploying digital tools in marketing and sales increases commercial efficiency and customer experience. Digital transformation, to be effective, needs to interact with people. Any project shall start by listening and observing people. »

Pierre graduated from Sup De Co. Before joining bplus, Pierre has worked as an International Marketing Director in the packaging industry. Pierre lives in Paris, and is a fan of baroque music.

peter fischer peter fischer selected

Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer

« To executives you could only say the following: be prepared for the unbelievable complexity of human social behavior in organizations. The best to do: become a good psychologist! »

Peter has been working for a bank and afterwards studied Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. After PhD and Habilitation he worked for the University of Exeter, UK, University of Cologne, Germany and University of Graz, Austria. Since 2011 he has a chair for Organizational, Industrial and Economic Psychology. Since more than 15 years Peter works as a consultant in the areas automotive, health care, banks and financial industry, scientific organizations. Peter lives in Regensburg and loves to play jazz guitar.

Business Cases

Safe by motivation

The best industrial organizations aim for a 'zero accident' safety record. To achieve this, they need rules and procedures - but they also need to engender a safety culture inside the company, shared and supported by everyone.


Industrial branding

Credible, trustworthy communication requires consistency and authenticity. In the world of industry marketing, both can be best achieved by careful branding. A strong brand, fitting the company identity and making a difference in the market place, facilitates external and internal communications.


Excellence culture

Creating a culture of excellence is a challenging endeavor. It can only be attained through intrinsic motivation of employees.
We have helped a listed chemical company to launch excellence initiatives across different areas of activity.


Digital sales tools

Digital tools dramatically change the way sales forces present their company's offering whilst improving the availability and the quality of information showcased. Successful digitalization requires integration of data sources and presentation tools.


Building resilience

Continuously providing optimum results is a challenge for any company. Resilient people perform better in difficult circumstances, under pressure and in complex environments.
We have accompanied a company in the aerospace industry to successfully enter the market for satellite control.


Innovation marketing

Technological innovations need explanation to be understood and valued. Communicating clearly and simply on advanced features and tangible benefits for professional targets needs multiple technical and conceptual skills.


Organizational Psychology

An industry leading organization wanted to improve the feedback and communication structure between leaders and followers on several different hierarchical levels.


Reducing Absentism

Absentism is a major cost factor for all industrial organizations. Thereby average absentism can vary strongly between teams and work groups - even though they work in the same branch, with the same product or at the same construction site.



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