Building resilience

building resilience

Continuously providing optimum results is a challenge for any company. Resilient people perform better in difficult circumstances, under pressure and in complex environments.We have accompanied a company in the aerospace industry to successfully enter the market for satellite control. Conditions for the young team were tough, due to heavy workload, financial risk, technical challenges and political involvement. We have set up a crisis intervention structure and a scheme to build resilience of individuals, groups and for on-boarding new team members.

The program was highly appreciated by the team and key resilience indicators raised dramatically. Early crisis intervention in case of errors or accidents enabled team members to quickly share lessons learned and to continuously improve the process. Moreover, satellite launches have been successful and the company is now well established.

Safe by motivation

The best industrial organizations aim for a 'zero accident' safety record. To achieve this, they need rules and procedures - but they also need to engender a safety culture inside the company, shared and supported by everyone.


Excellence culture

Creating a culture of excellence is a challenging endeavor. It can only be attained through intrinsic motivation of employees.
We have helped a listed chemical company to launch excellence initiatives across different areas of activity.