Digital sales tools

digital sales tools

Digital tools dramatically change the way sales forces present their company’s offering whilst improving the availability and the quality of information showcased. Successful digitalization requires integration of data sources and presentation tools.

We have helped a manufacturer of packaging machines to completely switch from paper to digital sales tools. In a first step, we examined and reorganized all sales and marketing data to be used along the sales process. In a second step we developed specific mobile tools, available offline anytime and anywhere. These mobile tools are utilizing the full scope of multimedia possibilities to enrich the selling experience.

Upon training of the complete European sales force on this digital toolset it was swiftly adopted across the board. The system substantially improved the quality of customer presentations, shortened the sales cycle and improved the differentiation of the brand in its market.

Innovation marketing

Technological innovations need explanation to be understood and valued. Communicating clearly and simply on advanced features and tangible benefits for professional targets needs multiple technical and conceptual skills.


Excellence culture

Creating a culture of excellence is a challenging endeavor. It can only be attained through intrinsic motivation of employees.
We have helped a listed chemical company to launch excellence initiatives across different areas of activity.