Industrial branding

industrial branding

Credible, trustworthy communication requires consistency and authenticity. In the world of industry marketing, both can be best achieved by careful branding. A strong brand, fitting the company identity and making a difference in the market place, facilitates external and internal communications. It also fosters company culture and thus becomes a management tool of its own.

We have helped a manufacturer of robotized solutions for automatic placement of carbon fiber materials to clarify its identity and gain a bolder stance in the market place. This was needed to enable projected growth into new market segments. Based on insights gained through workshops and interviews, we developed an inspiring brand platform and manifesto.

The platform has driven design of visual identity and communication tools which have since been successfully unveiled at an international trade fare.

Digital sales tools

Digital tools dramatically change the way sales forces present their company's offering whilst improving the availability and the quality of information showcased. Successful digitalization requires integration of data sources and presentation tools.


Organizational Psychology

An industry leading organization wanted to improve the feedback and communication structure between leaders and followers on several different hierarchical levels.