Innovation marketing

innovation marketing

Technological innovations need explanation to be understood and valued. Communicating clearly and simply on advanced features and tangible benefits for professional targets needs multiple technical and conceptual skills.

We have helped a start-up company specializing in the Internet of Things to communicate its offering. Based on a workshop with the engineering team, we shaped features and benefits into efficient communication tools, including website, documentation and animation. Storytelling techniques were employed to push the value proposition to the target group.

Conceived, produced and delivered within a very short time frame of several weeks, the communications concept enabled the team to approach alpha customers in various industries.

Safe by motivation

The best industrial organizations aim for a 'zero accident' safety record. To achieve this, they need rules and procedures - but they also need to engender a safety culture inside the company, shared and supported by everyone.


Building resilience

Continuously providing optimum results is a challenge for any company. Resilient people perform better in difficult circumstances, under pressure and in complex environments.
We have accompanied a company in the aerospace industry to successfully enter the market for satellite control.