Reducing Absentism

Reducing absentism

Absentism is a major cost factor for all industrial organizations. Thereby average absentism can vary strongly between teams and work groups – even though they work in the same branch, with the same product or at the same construction site. Very often different types of leadership and associated trust between leaders and followers explain much variance in different absentism rates. For a huge industrial construction site with mostly monotonious job descriptions we developed a customized empirical measure for determining most important sources of variance of absentism. Knowing the specific causes of absentism at a specific construction site with its specific culture, we trained leaders in customized impulse workshops. Our success was that within 12 months abesentism rate at this construction site was reduced by more than 1.5 percent which saved the organization a huge amount of personnel costs.

Excellence culture

Creating a culture of excellence is a challenging endeavor. It can only be attained through intrinsic motivation of employees.
We have helped a listed chemical company to launch excellence initiatives across different areas of activity.


Innovation marketing

Technological innovations need explanation to be understood and valued. Communicating clearly and simply on advanced features and tangible benefits for professional targets needs multiple technical and conceptual skills.