Safe by motivation


The best industrial organizations aim for a ‘zero accident’ safety record. To achieve this, they need rules and procedures – but they also need to engender a safety culture inside the company, shared and supported by everyone.

We have helped a global actor in the chemical industry to develop and deploy a program to change company culture. Based on an thorough analysis, we conceived an internal motivation campaign that combined rational and emotion elements, building on pride as a main factor for intrinsic motivation.

The campaign included all layers of company hierarchy and was consistently deployed in more than 50 countries. It received enthusiastic reception and has enabled significant improvements in the company’s safety performance.

Building resilience

Continuously providing optimum results is a challenge for any company. Resilient people perform better in difficult circumstances, under pressure and in complex environments.
We have accompanied a company in the aerospace industry to successfully enter the market for satellite control.


Reducing Absentism

Absentism is a major cost factor for all industrial organizations. Thereby average absentism can vary strongly between teams and work groups - even though they work in the same branch, with the same product or at the same construction site.